Siru Wen was born and raised in a small town in China, near the ocean. She landed at the U.S. more than a decade ago. She then drifted from the east coast to the west.



Siru’s parents dreamed of becoming performing artists before having her, now they work in the plastic bag business.


Siru's practice intersects between installation, film, and photography. She meditates on the balance of opposing forces, meanings, and sentiments that originate from and flow in between the bodies/interior and nature/exterior.

Siru observes and questions the actions/reactions between the emotional bodies and the specific architecture that holds them. She investigates how the bodies occupy, navigate, linger, and escape through spaces. Conversely, how the structures alienate, mediate, aggravate, weigh, and console the bodies within. During the process, Siru limits the use of words/language. Instead, allowing honest responses to form instinctively with the use of senses, shapes, lines, movement, silence, and disturbance.




Siru's work has been published in the Aesthetica Art Prize and Ducato Prize, exhibited at the 18th Street Arts Center, Larnaca Biennale, and the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles. She has been awarded the Artists-in-Residence programs at 18th Street Arts Center, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, and MASS MoCA.




Siru also works as a cinematographer. Her films have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, and others. 




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